Shower gel

Shower gel

Busy daily schedules leave us no time for those small daily relaxing routines.
Morning shower is more than just a pleasant routine it is a great way to start a new day.
Using Hellena shower gel your skin remains the gentle scent, providing the unique relaxation moment, well being, and health for the whole family.



Do you think that your hair is dull? Does it lack shine and volume?
Do you have a hair fall problem? Does it take long to grow your hair?
A woman’s hair remains a symbol of femininity and if it is not beautiful, strong and healthy, the problems occur.
Hellena shampoo with Pro-Vitamin B provides elasticity to hair, leaves it silky, and with its mild ingredients brings back softness and shine.

Krema za lice

Hand cream

We believe that your hands deserve to be indulged all the time.
Nourished and gentle hands, soft and smooth skin, which is not damaged or cracked are the proof of right and proper care.
Hellena hand cream with gentle formulation enriched with essential oils takes care and hydrates your skin, providing the elasticity.